Hello 2012, New Year, New Blog!

Welcome to https://thestarfishcoach.wordpress.com

January 2012: I left job I loved and started writing not just one but two blogs. Felt good to have New Year’s Day marking day 1 of my new life and end of my (fabulous) career in the NHS.

Eighteen days later and you find me adjusting rather well to my new way of life. Friends keep messaging, expressing strange ideas that I’m taking life easy, worrying I may be bored, haha! 2012 is turning into an exciting year, filled with new opportunities, but more of this in later blogs…..

I was prompted to have a go at a blog by Fran and decided it could be a good way to acknowledge the many people who have shared the work/life experiences of past years with me. I’ve been privileged to work with the best groups of colleagues imaginable and had many fantastic opportunities, leaving me inspired to discover how I can now contribute within a different context. My networks have sustained me this far and I trust my new networks to offer similar stimulus and support.

So, a very big Thank You to All my former colleagues, I look forward to staying in touch with many of you who became friends too.  And a big welcome if you are new to my blog, I hope you enjoy following my exploits:-)


About luckockp

I'm currently a co-director with Fran O'Hara of 'Working With Not To' a co-production project. Prior to this, (around the time of my early:-)! retirement from the NHS) I joined forces with three colleagues to establish The Coaching Network (LInkedIn) and a social enterprise Coaching Well, both founded on co-production principles. I was also involved, as Chair, with another CIC, to create a time bank for local communities in North Wales. My pre-retirement career was in the NHS, first as a Biomedical Scientist and finally as Senior Equality Manager at the NHS Centre for Equality and Human Rights. I am an experienced mediator, facilitator, action learning facilitator and ILM7 Coach and a former member of the Public Service Management Wales (PSMW/Academi) coaching collaborative. I also love making patchwork quilts plus I am discovering the joy of mindfulness and of exercise in later life to improve my wellbeing.
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2 Responses to Hello 2012, New Year, New Blog!

  1. Whose Shoes? says:

    Have only just found this one Pam. What a lovely introduction and, as always, good luck as you pursue your new path. Looks as though you have been too busy with Communities Can 2012 and actually making things happen to stop and write about it all 🙂 Keep up the good work! Gill x

    • luckockp says:

      Hi Gill,
      Had almost forgotten about this myself:) thanks for your comment, it’s a good prompt to get me posting to this blog now the conference is finished!
      Your guest blogs have provoked lots of thinking over past week & it’s lovely to be connecting with new people via Twitter
      Keep up good work 🙂

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